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China Nantong Cross-Border Product Selection Exhibition is held in Nantong city, a city that integrates advantageous industrial groups such as home textile, fitness equipment, hardware tools, and auto parts.

The enterprises in Nantong adopt the OEM model for export for a long time.

In this exhibition, Nantong NTEC Monofilament Technology Co., Ltd. launch trimmer line, Polyester wire, PE Braided fishing line, nylon fishing line, tennis line, and badminton line to participate in the selection exhibition.

trimmerline exhibition

These products are characterized as direct consumer goods, easy to retail, products can be sold directly in supermarkets, hardware stores, fishing tackle stores, sporting goods stores...

And these are Ready to Ship products that delivery can be made within 15 days.

The exhibition also features a live TikTok show for overseas end audiences. Our booth is at C03. Welcome to visit.