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Nantong NTEC Monofilament Technology Co.,Ltd-Sticking To One Filament

Nantong NTEC Monofilament was established in 2005. Over the years, it has been focusing on the R&D and production of large-diameter polymer monofilaments. The products include polyester, polyamide, polyolefin and other large-diameter monofilaments. Sewing thread, fishing line, tennis line, trimmer line, polyester wire and other special wires are widely used in safety protection, structural enhancement, environmental protection filtration, medical and health, communication equipment, new energy, 3D printing and other fields. "In life, monofilament products can be seen everywhere, from a zipper, the upper of a sneaker, to invisible screens at home, mattress liner, etc., you can see it." Yang Xifeng said that different monofilament products For silk products, the difference is that the properties of the monofilaments used are not the same.

"But no matter how many varieties, the same thing is still the same. In the final analysis, it is still 'one filament'." It was Ma Haiyan, founder and chairman of NTEC who first discovered the "one filament". Since the 1990s, Ma Haiyan has worked for many years in the chemical fiber industry in Wuxi, Qidong and other places. In 2002, Ma Haiyan returned to Nantong and worked as a full-time teacher of polymer materials in the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Nantong University. In the process of consulting teaching materials, he noticed that the term "monofilament" frequently appeared in foreign chemical fiber patents and literature. In contrast, domestic research on monofilament is almost zero. Ma Haiyan is keenly aware that blank means business opportunities. "Micron-level polyester filament can be made, but millimeter-level monofilament is not easy." With years of experience in the chemical fiber industry, Ma Haiyan and Yang Xifeng did not pay attention to a small monofilament. 

In 2005, the two co-founded NTEC, engaged in chemical fiber production and monofilament research and development, but it took three years of hard work and more than 1.7 million yuan to produce a ddecent monofilament product. At that time, the company's chemical fiber business was booming, and the monofilament research and development was supported by the income from the chemical fiber segment. People around him advised Ma Haiyan to give up the idea of "one filament". "Why can we do it abroad? We can't do it!" Ma Haiyan and Yang Xifeng were both technically educated. They were unanimously optimistic about the prospect of monofilament. Repeated defeats and repeated defeats. "Samples are ok, 500 kilograms will be ordered first." In 2009, a call from a businessman in Suzhou gave Ma Haiyan a glimmer of hope. NTEC monofilament gradually opened up the market. By 2010, the company's monofilament output value equaled the chemical fiber segment. In the second year, the domestic chemical fiber industry "reshuffled", and the performance of the company's chemical fiber segment fell off a cliff. "If it hadn't been for the 'one thread' and not let go, perhaps there would be no NTEC today." Yang Xifeng said with emotion. From 2011 to 2015, the output value of NTEC's monofilament doubled continuously, and the growth rate was still as high as 30% last year, with an annual output value of 400 million yuan. "If you compare the monofilament industry to a blue ocean, NTEC is still standing on the beach. The more you look at the deep sea, the more unfathomable it is." Yang Xifeng told reporters that the name "NTEC" comes from the English "new" technology", which means new technology and new craftsmanship. "On the surface, the company's success stems from 'a single thread', but the real reason behind it is the "one thing" that the company has focused on and concentrated on for more than ten years - scientific and technological innovation ." 

In NTEC factory area, the 17,000-square-meter R&D center building has been capped, and the comprehensive level of the company's R&D software and hardware will reach a new level. At the same time, NTEC is vigorously promoting the "intelligent transformation of digital transformation", launching the "annual output of 160,000 tons of high-performance polymer monofilament project", and stepping up to benchmark foreign advanced enterprises in all aspects of technical system, production system and management system... "Continuously extending and narrowing the industrial chain, we must carry out 'a single thread' to the end!" Ma Haiyan's tone still showed that unyielding strength.